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How is your company positioned in Türkiye and in the world?

Our company has been operating in the automotive subsidiary industry in the Aegean Free Zone since 1996.  We manufacture driving shafts for Europe and North America. HPT Hartner exports the majority of its production to Germany. 


Can you give an overview of the development of your company since its inception?

Our company aspires to increase our quality and efficiency by continuously monitoring customer expectations, advanced technology and developments to win recognition in the industry. Since its inception, our company has been producing driving shafts in increasing numbers and functions, thus leading to an increasing employment rate over the years. Operating on an area of 1000m2 in the Aegean Free Zone, HPT company founded K/H machinery in 2014. Our second company, which manufactures for the companies at the Zone and the domestic market on an area of 500 m2, also produces automotive spare parts for the automotive sub-industry upon demand. 


Can you review the production, employment and investment data of your company?

New machinery and quality control measuring equipment have been purchased as per annual purchasing plans. The growing capacity has also enhanced the variety of products and number of annual productions, which in return has led to an increase in employment. Working in three shifts, the number of employees has reached 60 people as of August 2014. 


What are the advantages of operating in the Aegean Free Zone?

Free Zones provide substantial advantages to the companies therein by virtue of their founding purposes. Technical supplies such as the machinery and raw materials from abroad can be purchased quickly and more profitably. Tax advantages of the free zones are also an attracting factor for companies. 


How do the foreign investors view free zones?

Although foreign-capitalized companies have a positive impression of the free zones, the demand may be further boosted in a stable economy. 


How is your company affected by the recent economic developments that have been unfolding since the beginning of 2014? In what way does this affect the investments?

Our company is not engaged in commercial activities with Türkiye. As a consequence of our country’s economy, employees tend to switch jobs for fairly low salary increases, mostly due to their credit card debts in their personal lives. 


Can you give some information about your social responsibility projects?

I am a member of the EBSO (Aegean Region Chamber of Industry) Professional Committee of Automotive Spare Parts as well as a Council Member besides our busy workload. I also assumed the Office of Vice President of the Izmir German School, a foundation of the German Consulate. This school is the Izmir branch of Ankara German Embassy Private School and is founded in 2008.  It is still the only German school in Izmir. Izmir German School follows a German curriculum and is approved by the Federal Administrative Agency, International Education Center. In addition the school follows the German Federal Republic’s culture and education policies as the 140th international German School. 


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