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How is your company positioned in Türkiye and in the world?

Anet Machining, a manufacturing company, has been in the industry for more than a decade. We have increased our market share in highly-competitive industries such as  the energy sector and drive technology. We export 100% of our production to clients in Germany, France, Brazil, Mexico and China. 


Can you give an overview of the development of your company since its inception?

Anet extended its market share through joint ventures signed with a number of manufacturers throughout Türkiye in the beginning of 2000’s, and came together under the roof of Anet Machining after reinforcing its machinery and benches with new investments. We now operate in a closed area of 2500 m2 for our manufacturing activities. Additionally, we provide logistic services in our head Office in Germany, meeting the needs of our customers as “consignment” and “just in time”. 


Can you review the production, employment and investment data of your company?

Starting its manufacturing activities in 2012, our factory has grown by 150% since the sixth month of 2012. As Anet Machining, we identify ourselves with precision machining and our biggest investment is our investment in people. We have taken steps in this respect to enhance and specialize our teams in line with the development of our organization in the last two years. Aim of these investments was to provide fully efficient services for our customers. 


What are the advantages of operating in the Aegean Free Zone?

The Aegean Free Zone has provided us with logistic and tax advantages as well as the opportunity for close contact with internationally renowned brands and companies. We are also able to contribute to the development of our business and our country with corporate social responsibility projects through the means and sanctions of the free zones. 


How do the foreign investors view free zones?

Today, all over the world, all industries find themselves in a tough and challenging environment of competition. Free Zones have made it easier for both Turkish and foreign-capitalized companies to deal with such circumstances. I particularly attribute the fact that foreign companies choose Free Zones so they can implement company policies independent of external factors. They are very successful in instilling their staff with their corporate culture, endearing the company to the staff and creating happy and engaged employees. 


How is your company affected by the recent economic developments that have been unfolding since the beginning of 2014? In what way does this affect the investments?

Competition increases in parallel with economic developments. New domestic and foreign players join the game in Türkiye. In fact, competition grows faster than the industries themselves. As an export-oriented company, we are influenced by many parameters. The course of economy and the exchange rates impact us, just as it does to all the other industries and companies. Positive and negative movements and fluctuations in exchange rates have a direct effect on our business even if the economy is in good shape. Of course, there has been certain stability in the country in the last 3-4 years. Just as a company would downsize its number of employees at times of crises, a stable economic environment would correlatively provide opportunities to invest in people. So it has a healing power, not only financially but psychologically as well. 


Can you give some information about your social responsibility projects? 

Protective approaches towards human rights, environment, labor force and compliance with such standards are central tenets of our business and a guarantee of the sustainability of our corporate structure. Being a socially responsible company does not only mean to cover the official expectations but to go beyond volunteering and generating more investments and projects. 

We approach our responsibility and improvement Works towards our employees, customers, shareholders, nature and environment, state, suppliers, competitors and society in line with an understanding of quality, which is our company’s primary principle.


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