14 JUL
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Deniz Tuncer, second generation representative of the Tuncer Family, became the chairman of the Board of Directors at ESBAŞ, founder and operator of Turkey’s leading free zone.  Deniz Tuncer took over the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors from her mother, Mary Tuncer, who had been successfully carrying out this duty since the passing of Kaya Tuncer, founder of ESBAŞ, in 2012.

Mary Tuncer will continue to serve at ESBAŞ as Chairman Emeritus.

Mary Tuncer, who has been an active part of management at ESBAŞ since its foundation, had assumed the role of Chairman of the Board since the passing of Turkish-American businessman Kaya Tuncer in 2012, who made a name for himself in the international arena with his engineering projects in the US, in Turkey and many other countries. During Mary Tuncer’s tenure, ESBAŞ became one of the best workplaces in Europe and Turkey, and was also selected as one of the companies that provided the most social benefit in our country. The Aegean Free zone, founded and operated by ESBAŞ, winner of the Leadership in Human Value Grand Award and the Quality Award, has been Turkey’s leading free zone for many years with approximately 25 thousand employees, a trade volume of 5.5 billion USD per year and an export amount of 2.5 billion USD.

Mary Tuncer:

“I am proud that the Aegean Free Zone is taken as an example in the world”

ESBAŞ Chairman Emeritus Mary Tuncer stated that she and her husband Kaya Tuncer are proud that the Aegean Free Zone has become an internationally renowned free zone that is shown as a role model in the sector as a result of their hard work and said, "ESBAŞ has made the Aegean Free Zone one of the best zones in the world and this success has also been endorsed by various international rating agencies.

I am sure that the values of ESBAŞ, which have been guiding us since our founding in 1990, will continue to be a light to Deniz Tuncer and all other ESBAŞ members in the future. I am grateful to all members of the ESBAŞ Board of Directors, ESBAŞ CEO Dr. Faruk Güler and all ESBAŞ employees who accompanied me on this path. Without them, ESBAS would not have been so successful. I have full faith that the success shown in the Aegean Free Zone with ESBAŞ will be shown in the Western Anatolia Free Zone with BASBAŞ."

Deniz Tuncer:

“It is an honor for me to inherit this important legacy from my mother”

Emphasizing that her father and mother witnessed the process of building one of the best free zones in the world together, Deniz Tuncer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ESBAŞ, expressed her feelings as follows: "It is an honor for me to inherit this important legacy from my mother. The outstanding success of ESBAŞ for the last 35 is beyond doubt. We will continue to work, develop and set an example to carry the outstanding success of ESBAŞ. I would like to thank Dr. Faruk Güler and all ESBAŞ employees for their support and guidance in this regard."

Dr. Faruk Güler:

“Mary Tuncer’s Touch Turned the Free Zone into a University Campus”

Emphasizing that Chairman Emeritus Mary Tuncer, who has made great contributions with her strong will, passion and devotion, is a leader who represents the values of the company, ESBAŞ Chief Executive Officer Dr. Faruk Güler said, "We owe all the successes achieved at ESBAŞ after the passing of Kaya Bey to Mary Hanım’s resilient stance as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, who knows what she wants in strategic matters."

Pointing out that ESBAŞ, founder and operator of Turkey’s most successful and best-managed free zone by far, is also shown as one of the best free zones in terms of its management philosophy, Dr. Faruk Güler said: "Of course, this success did not happen by chance or coincidence. We owe this success to our visionary perspective, which has been studiously embroidered one by one since the very first day of our founding. Without a doubt, the major craftsmanship of this success belongs to our founder Kaya Tuncer. However, it goes without saying that Mary Tuncer’s presence and support has been an important driver of this success.  If today we have a modern free zone with lush green landscaping that is not reminiscent of an industrial zone, but of a university campus, where parents work and happily commute to work with peace of mind because their children are educated like in the best kindergartens in Europe and the USA, it is thanks to Mary Tuncer."

Stating that Mary Tuncer, who has always been supportive of the managers working for the success of ESBAŞ in their goals of creating happy employees and being selected as a best workplace, is the biggest driving force in the development of the company, Dr. Faruk Güler said, "Mary Tuncer has made yet another important decision for the future of our company, and handed over the management of the company to Deniz Tuncer in order to protect the values of our company and to transfer them to future generations. With this important decision that will ensure that the values of ESBAŞ are preserved and passed onto future generations, the fact that Deniz Tuncer will lead ESBAŞ in the future by taking inspiration from Mary Hanım's 35 years of experience is an indication that this tradition continues. Deniz Hanım came to this role deservedly. She stood by Mary Tuncer at every step during her term as Chairman of the Board of Directors. She examined, questioned and supported all ESBAS related matters in detail."


Deniz Tuncer, who became the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ESBAŞ, also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Western Anatolia Free Zone, which was established as the newest industrial center of Turkey. Tuncer, who completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of California, Berkeley and took executive management classes at Harvard University, serves as the Vice President of The Green Olive Branch company along with other duties in the US. Deniz Tuncer, who previously served as the Board Member of MOPSAN Construction Company, which constructed the Yüksek Vadi and Karşıyaka 360 housing projects in Izmir, is married and has two daughters.


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