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The multinational corporations that invest in the Aegean Free Zone represent a “Who’s Who” list of the world’s most successful firms.  These companies use the Aegean Free Zone to manufacture, assemble, package, warehouse and ship their products to facilities, subsidiaries and customers in every corner of the globe. 

Here are just a few names of top companies operating at the Aegean Free Zone (listed by the year they first entered the Zone):

Company Name Country Start of Operation Sector
FTB Lisi AerospaceFrance1992Aerospace and Defense
Ege EndüstriTurkey1992Automotive
Safe SpiceEngland/Turkey1996Food
Delphi AutomotiveUSA1997Automotive
Eldor ElectronicsItaly1997Electronics
Hugo BossGermany1998Textiles
Ege FrenGermany/Turkey1998 Automotive
Akzo NobelNetherlands1999Chemicals
Delphi Diesel SystemsUSA2001 Automotive
Cevher JantTurkey2002 Automotive
PFWGermany2003Aerospace and Defense
MahleGermany2003 Automotive
SimecoSpain / Italy / Germany / Turkey2003Electric – Electronics
Roy RobsonGermany2005Textiles
Fokker ElmoNetherlands2007Aerospace and Defense
Kale Pratt & Whitney Turkey/USA2011Aerospace and Defense
LansinohJapan2015Health and Baby Care Supplies
Johnson ControlsUSA2015Air Conditioning


Growth in company sales and profitability and length of stay are strong evidence of positive Zone performance. Yet, there can be no better testimonial to the value of investing in the Aegean Free Zone than when current tenants significantly expand their original investments. 

Delphi Automotive turned over its original 2,600 m² facility in 1997, and then constructed a brand new 40,000 m² factory in 2002.

The largest company in the Zone, Hugo Boss, employs 3,500 workers in their facilities covering a land area of 124,186 m². Hugo Boss increased their investments on a number of occasions, in addition to recently constructing a new building of 10,736 m².  Today their total operations cover 68,940 m².

Recent major expansions have been undertaken by Hidromek (Automotive) in 2007 and again in 2009; by Mahle (Automotive) in 2008 (from 20,000 to 105,000 m²); by Akzo Nobel (Chemicals) in 2006; and FTB-Lisi in 2004 and 2008 (from 630 m² to 3,700 to 10,750 m²). Other expanding companies are Fokker Elmo, Delphi Automotive, Eldor, Korsini, Roy Robson, Steam Lab, Flavourtech, Safe Spice, SF Textile and Omega Electronic.

Company Testimonials

Multinational companies as well as export-oriented domestic companies tell us why they chose the Aegean Free Zone for their investments: 

The Aegean Free Zone is a modern industrial park. Infrastructure and superstructure organizations are superb in the Zone. Services provided by ESBAS are at a very satisfactory level. The Zone is very conveniently located in Izmir, providing advantages in terms of proximity to the port and airport and availability of qualified workforce.”

Bülent YETMAN, General Manager, Hidromek

"We believe that our factory in the Aegean Free Zone will continue to play an important role thanks to the strong infrastructure of the Aegean Free Zone and the strong competitive cost structure.

Gülgün BİLİCİ, HR Director Powertrain Global Engineering& Diesel, Delphi

We made the decision to invest after a two-year research process. After looking into opportunities in Romania, Bulgaria and Russia, we decided to invest in the Aegean Free Zone. You have only one contact for many utilities like telephone, electricity and water. A lot of the services are at your doorstep."

Semih KELLE, General Manager, Gates Powertrain

The logistic position of Izmir and the Aegean Free Zone allows us to serve our customers around the world from the Aegean Free Zone. Ready-to-use facilities of the Aegean Free Zone was an advantage for us to start manufacturing expeditiously.”

Alper YILDIZ, General Manager, HMT

We believe we have increased our business volume thanks to the tax advantages of the Free Zone. We will continue to stay in the Free Zone for our future investments as well.”

Aylin GÖZAY, General Manager, SF Textile

“We, as Lansinoh, have been operating in Izmir since 2010; tax advantages, convenience of import and export transactions, good governance and quality service offered by the Zone are the fundamental reasons why we, as an exporter company, have decided to invest in the Aegean Free Zone.”

Aziz MUHTAROGLU, Finance Manager, Lansinoh