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Izmir continues to be one of the most important centers in the world for manufacturing and trade.  It has a rich history of 8,500 years and today has a population of nearly 4 million.

Boasting an annual trade volume of $4.3 billion USD and employment of 21,158 people, the Aegean Free Zone is one of the largest free zones and export bases in Turkey.

The city of Gaziemir, which was only a small village with a population of 40,000 when the Aegean Free Zone started in 1990, is one of the fastest developing and prospering cities in Turkey today, with a population of nearly 150,000 people.

Today there are 18 free zones in Turkey, with a total annual trade volume of $20 billion USD, making up 5% of Turkey’s foreign trade.

Although Turkey has been a country with a foreign trade deficit, exports have exceeded imports by 110% in free zones in Turkey in the last three years. In the Aegean Free Zone, exports have exceeded imports by 153% in the last three years.  It is clear that companies operating in the free zones provide a substantial contribution to the country’s economy in terms of foreign exchange earnings. Hundreds of companies in Turkey provide goods and services to the user companies in the Aegean Free Zone and thousands of employees working in these companies earn their livelihood through their activities in the Aegean Free Zone.

Companies operating in the Aegean Free Zone support the culture of innovation in our country and contribute to the economy by helping to turn new ideas into businesses. This is best demonstrated by looking at the export and trade volume. In Turkey, the average value for exports was $1.66 USD per kilogram in the last tree years. Turkey’s target for 2023 is to reach Germany’s value for exports of $4.1 USD per kilogram. Increasing this rate is extremely challenging as it requires investment in technology-intensive sectors. However, at the Aegean Free Zone, the average export value was $8.48 USD per kilogram in the last three years.

ESBAS celebrated its 25th year anniversary in 2015. We take pride in our past accomplishments, which are the best predictor of future achievements. Our aim is to further this success so that ESBAS continues to prosper for many more years to come, continuing the vision of Kaya Tuncer, the founder of the Aegean Free Zone.

All of us will continue to perform our best to get the highest possible results in order to reach this goal. We are committed to achieving excellence. Our principles of Courage, Perseverance, Integrity, Commitment, Innovation and Respect will always lead us on the right path.

I have no doubt that we will continue to grow and prosper, and reach our goals side by side.

I would like to express my gratitude to our shareholders, business partners and all current and potential users of our Zone for their confidence, as well as all ESBAS employees for their commitment and effort.

Dr. Faruk GÜLER


ESBAS Chairman of the Board, members of the Board of Directors and ESBAS CEO

ESBAS’s professional team of international manufacturing and trade professionals is dedicated to making business for the companies at the Aegean Free Zone as efficient and profitable as possible. ESBAS management’s logistics acumen, their can-do service mentality, their regional knowledge, and their skill in managing a staff of more than 500 employees are the core reasons that ESBAS is the foremost industrial site in the region.


These are the professionals responsible for the Aegean Free Zone becoming the first free zone in the world to obtain four quality management certificates.  They include rating as an ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Company; an ISO 14001 for its Environmental Management System; the OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series; and ISO 22000/2005 Food Safety Management Systems Certificates. After signing the “Declaration of Goodwill” with the Turkish Quality Association on October 3, 2012, ESBAS joined the national quality movement and started efforts to implement the EFQM Excellence Model. 



  • To make the Aegean Free Zone a Center of Excellence,
  • To ensure ESBAS’s long-term future through continuous growth and development.


Be a model industrial park in Turkey and the world with an awareness of creating long-term and sustainable public benefit:

  • By meeting the expectations of our stakeholders while striving for excellence,
  • By attracting foreign investment that contributes to the Turkish economy and creates jobs,
  • By attracting high-tech, environmentally-friendly, export-oriented manufacturing and trading companies,
  • By further developing our social responsibility activities, and
  • By continually expanding and improving our services.


  • We ensure that our employees take care of the needs of our customers
  • We seek continuous improvement and innovation
  • We strive for mutually beneficial and trustworthy relationships with stakeholders
  • We aim to maximize productivity
  • We comply with applicable laws and standards
  • We actively promote quality awareness


We base all of our undertakings on our philosophy of excellence and act in line with our values.

We are bold and decisive in our actions with the confidence we take from our knowledge and experience.

We strive to accomplish all our goals using patience and persistence to overcome any obstacles in performing our work.

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards in all our relationships.

We are dedicated to providing consistent, comprehensive and reliable services to our customers and colleagues.

We aim to create an environment that is rich in creativity, discovery and the advancement of knowledge and productivity.

We value each company and individual by striving to create a pleasant and attractive work environment.


Click here to read the code of ethics of ESBAS.



Kaya Tuncer established ESBAS in 1989 and embarked on the development of the Aegean Free Zone. During 22 years of perseverance, he created one of the world’s leading industrial parks where 170 domestic and international companies are engaged in manufacturing and trade and 19,000 people are employed.  ESBAS has an annual trade volume of more than $4 billion USD, and employees receive all modern employee benefits.

Kaya Tuncer also founded Space Camp Turkey, one of three space camps in the world, which has brought together more than 185,000 young people from 55 countries. His Global Friendship Through Space Education foundation has provided more than 7,500 scholarships to students from 40 countries to attend Space Camp Turkey.

Kaya Tuncer also made charitable contributions to improve the lives of Izmir residents. These include the gymnasium for the youth of Gaziemir, a women’s shelter in Gaziemir, a substantial contribution toward the construction of a guesthouse by KITVAK (Bone Marrow Transplants and Oncology Research and Development Foundation) and financial contributions to Izmir EXPO 2020. Kaya Tuncer was also given numerous awards throughout his business life.

Kaya Tuncer passed away on January 7, 2012, at his home in Los Angeles, surrounded by his family.  Although he is no longer with us, Turkey and Izmir will always remember Kaya Tuncer with thanks and gratitude.



MOPSAN is a residential development subsidiary of ESBAS (the Aegean Free Zone Development and Operating Co.), whose mission is to improve living standards in Turkey with high quality residential projects.


Yuksek Vadi is the flagship condominium residential development of MOPSAN, A.S.


Space Camp Turkey is one of three Space Camps in the world. We are proud to have the only such facility outside of North America. Space Camp Turkey is located at the Aegean Free Zone, a high-tech industrial park in Izmir, operated by ESBAS.


June 15th,1985

The Free Zones Law

The Turkish Free Zones Law, no. 3218, is enacted by Turkish Prime Minister Turgut Ozal to increase exports and foreign investment, encourage technology transfer and generate employment in Turkey.

July 10th,1989

ESBAS is established

Kaya Tuncer establishes ESBAS as the developer and operator of the Aegean Free Zone, Turkey’s first privately developed free zone.  Mr. Tuncer envisions 250 firms, employing 36,000 with $1 billion USD in annual trade volume by 2007.

August 14th,1990

Operations Begin

The Aegean Free Zone officially begins operations after the Zone perimeter is fenced and the Zone is secured.

January 1st,1995

Marketing to G20 Countries

ESBAS launches a 15-year intensive marketing and promotion program, which includes 50 “road show” trips and more than 200 ads in foreign magazines to attract direct investment from G20 countries.

November 29th,1997

ESBAS Technology Center Opens

President of the Republic of Turkey Suleyman Demirel visits the Aegean Free Zone and officially opens the ESBAS Technology Center.

December 31st,1997

Trade Volume Reaches $1 Billion USD

The annual trade volume of the Aegean Free Zone exceeds $1 billion USD.

June 12th,2000

Opening of Space Camp Turkey

Space Camp Turkey, an ESBAS enterprise, opens to the public.   American Astronaut Scott Carpenter and Turkish aerospace engineer Ismail Akbay officiate at the grand opening.

October 10th,2001

Series of 60 Conferences Begins at ESBAS

ESBAS begins a series of nearly 60 international business development and offset conferences, consisting of 18,000 private, government and NGO officials from 70 countries over a 13-year period.

December 31st,2003

Employment Reaches 10,000 People

Employment in the Aegean Free Zone exceeds 10,000.

February 5th,2005

Prime Minister Visits

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan visits the Aegean Free Zone.

November 1st,2006

4th ISO Quality Certificate Earned

Quality management initiatives since 2000 result in the Aegean Free Zone becoming the first free zone in the world to attain four quality management certificates. They include ISO 9000, HACCP, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

January 2nd,2007

Aerospace Clustering Association is Founded

Turkey’s first aerospace clustering association is co-founded by ESBAS and begins in Izmir.


May 7th,2011

Turkish President Abdullah Gul visits ESBAS

Turkish President Abdullah Gul visits ESBAS and attends the groundbreaking ceremony of the Kale Pratt & Whitney facility.

January 7th,2012

ESBAS Founder Kaya Tuncer Passes Away

ESBAS Founder, President and CEO, Kaya Tuncer passes away.  Mary Tuncer becomes Chairman of the Board of ESBAS.

October 3rd,2012

EFQM Management Model Initiated

ESBAS begins implementation of EFQM, a management and business administration model for achieving excellence.

December 31st,2012

Trade Volume Reaches $5 Billion USD

The Aegean Free Zone is almost completely developed with 210 firms, annual trade volume exceeds $5 billion USD and employment reaches 20,000.

January 14th,2013

Dr. Faruk Guler is Appointed ESBAS CEO

Dr. Faruk Guler becomes CEO of ESBAS.

December 11th,2013

2013 World Free Zone Convention Held at ESBAS

ESBAS hosts the 2013 World Free Zone Convention. 

January 1st2015

ESBAS Celebrates 25 Years of Excellence

ESBAS and the Aegean Free Zone celebrate 25 years of excellence.

August 18st,2016

Agreement Signed For Zone Operation and Expansion

 An agreement signing ceremony was held in the ESBAS Technology Center Conference Hall, officiated by Turkish Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekci for the expansion of the Aegean Free Zone and a time extension of the ESBAS Operating License.

03 Ekim2017

ESBAŞ Bergama'da Yeni Bir Serbest Bölge Kurma Çalışmalarına Başladı

Ekonomi Bakanlığı, Serbest Bölgeler Yurtdışı Yatırım ve Hizmetler Genel Müdürlüğü ile Ege Serbest Bölge Kurucu ve İşleticisi-ESBAŞ arasında, Batı Anadolu Serbest Bölgesinin kurulması ve işletilmesine yönelik bir ön protokol imzalandı. Ekonomi Bakanı Sn. Nihat Zeybekci’nin teşrifleri ile imzalanan protokol töreni 3 Ekim Salı günü iş dünyasından çok sayıda temsilcinin katılımı ile gerçekleşti. 

23 Kasım2017

ESBAŞ Bir İlke Daha İmza Atarak Türkiye Mükemmellik Ödülünün Sahibi Oldu

Ege Serbest Bölge Kurucu ve İşleticisi A. Ş.- ESBAŞ, Kalite Derneği - KalDer tarafından verilen 2017 Türkiye Mükemmellik Ödülünün sahibi oldu.